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A drinking game involving a breathalyzer.

The rules are simple.

Start drinking

keep drinking
then drink more.

Then use the breathalyzer.

Whoever has the highest score, Wins.

Playing too hard might result in people screaming how much they love vagina.
After winning at breath of death with a .28, Cory yelled out to everyone at the party that he loves vagina.
by wvudrinkersclub February 10, 2010
The cruellest method of execution known to man. After engaging in 69 style loving, the top partner rolls over, places his brown eye over the mouth of the bottom partner, and does a show (see doin shows!.) This may or may not be fatal or permanently disabling.
My girlfriend cheated on me, so during the "I forgive you" sex I performed the Breath of Death on her.
by Pinto March 09, 2004

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