A strong and complex nonsexual relationship between two or more females that is greater than being BFF. Similar to a bromance.
If Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox weren't strait I would swear they were lesbians. I guess they are just breasties.
by Lipsmackinggood December 12, 2012
Top Definition
A best friend of yours that has the same breast size as you
Kim: Hey look, it's my breastie Emma. Let's go say hi!

Mark: Breastie?

Kim: yeah, she's my bestie and has the the same breast size as me.

Mark: let's forget we ever had this conversation

Kim: Agreed
Selfie of a women's breasts.
I'd like to see a breastie of her's.
by Mrberlinnh September 18, 2014
The accurate term for girls who are best friends.
Jenny: Chelsea, its okay if you want to cancel our plans this weekend so you can to the concert with Lea and Jill instead. I'll understand.

Chelsea: Jenny, are you serious? Pshh, girl fuck them. You're my breastie for life, our plans come first :)

Jenny: Aww, we're total breasties! :)
by Its funny girl! Nyan-ja~ June 20, 2014
Super affectionate term used when a straight male has a female best friend: ie a bestie with breasts. More common among men who favor brunch.
Yo dude, you wanna come over on Sunday morning to watch the game? No thanks, my breastie and I wanna put some poached eggs and bloody marys in our mouths.
by inappropriate bill December 29, 2010
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