Down to earth girl; the one who takes no bullshit from anybody; the one who speaks her mind upon everything; she's quite /shy at first but once you get to know her she won't be; she's beautiful ; she will ride for you If you riding for her, it's only right in her mind; very intelligence;all she think about is making money;shoe game decent asf ; she's the one your boyfriend be textinn.
Breanna's money is her life
by Breshee October 26, 2013
A short, fun, blonde dancer with sex appeal. She loves travelling and meeting new people, and once the music comes on, she just doesn't stop ;)
Breanna is amazing!
by Sydney11321234 July 18, 2011
A dirty hoebag that loves to watch different animals having sex and she gets off to them. She also fucked a dog so hard one time that its rectom turned inside-out. She is horrible at singing and sounds like a prehistoric bird on a regular basis and she has some kind of STD in her throat that causes her to constantly hack all over the place. Overall, a gross gal.
You really need to quit acting like Breanna.. It's eff'n disgusting.
by thatoneroomie September 12, 2011
1. a girl who will never be noticed by the guy she wants, and whose probably gonna waste most her life making him happy for her own expense without him ever notising

2. girl with a fine ass that goes to waste cuz the boi she wants don't want her
1. "why the hell that girl do all that shit for him?"
"she's a Breanna"

2. "DAMN that girl got a fine padunkadunk!"
"ya but she'll never go fer you cuz shes a Breanna"
by brbb April 13, 2009
The birthgiver of many african american babies. She craves the warmth of a man's seed all over her body.
Don't be such a breanna... it's not classy.
by cmotown October 18, 2010
This slutty whore that goes to my school. Always sleeps better with a little sausage in her. cum guzzler, cunt who hates anyone who is hotter than her. Loves guys who starts with a T and enjoys being a tease.
That chick over there is such a breanna.

I just hate her she is such a f***ing breanna.
by 69buttpirate January 05, 2010

A whale, usually busy sucking cock, in which thinking it tastes like sour cream and onion potato chips.



Cow Whore.

Fucks in woods next to the highway.

Loses fights to white bitchez.
by NIGGAFUC. January 20, 2010

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