A girl who is a good lover, and who easily falls in love with the wrong person. Who knows what she is worth it and who can go 0 to 100 real quick. Who can see a fake bitch a mile away and fucks with real niggas. Who makes him/her money and nerver begs. She can beat a bitch ass in 2.5 sec while still looking flawless at the end. Shes very talented,beautiful,sexy,a a great dancer. She is worth keeping so fellas if you got her keep her.
yo Breanna is hella bomb bro.
I really Love Breanna dude, shes a keeper.
by lilcat567 April 10, 2015
someone who really sucks at playing call of duty
breanna got 0 kills and 75 deaths in tdm
by dude brah 077777 June 23, 2011
She would do anything to make her friends happy. She is cute, funny, kind, smart, talented, creative, caring, and has a strong heart. She isn't much of an outdoor person, but she loves socializing with her friends. She is a good artist, loves to sing, and loves collecting things. She likes to have things organized and perfect. She can be clumsy from time to time but will usually pretend it never happened and move on. Sometimes if she hears someone mad or upset, she takes the blame and feels guilty even if it wasn't her fault. She is very talkative and can get distracted easily. She loves fuzzy fuzzy soft things, and if its a bunny, she'll be even more awestruck. She has a hard time explaining her emotions and can get very shy on stage. She tries to make as many friends as she can. Breanna is unique in her own way.
"That new girl Breanna is so cute! Amd she has a great personality"

Breanna: "Hey are you ok?"
Guy: "no..."
Breanna: "I won't leave you until your happy... I care about you and your feelings..."
Guy: "thanks..."
by NitroKitty January 21, 2016
A short, fun, blonde dancer with sex appeal. She loves travelling and meeting new people, and once the music comes on, she just doesn't stop ;)
Breanna is amazing!
by Sydney11321234 July 18, 2011
An ugly person that has no respect
That girl is so Breanna
by digdicktony January 04, 2015
1. a girl who will never be noticed by the guy she wants, and whose probably gonna waste most her life making him happy for her own expense without him ever notising

2. girl with a fine ass that goes to waste cuz the boi she wants don't want her
1. "why the hell that girl do all that shit for him?"
"she's a Breanna"

2. "DAMN that girl got a fine padunkadunk!"
"ya but she'll never go fer you cuz shes a Breanna"
by brbb April 13, 2009
A dirty hoebag that loves to watch different animals having sex and she gets off to them. She also fucked a dog so hard one time that its rectom turned inside-out. She is horrible at singing and sounds like a prehistoric bird on a regular basis and she has some kind of STD in her throat that causes her to constantly hack all over the place. Overall, a gross gal.
You really need to quit acting like Breanna.. It's eff'n disgusting.
by thatoneroomie September 12, 2011

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