A badass girl who is a fan of Star Wars and blue Mohawks. She is one fun sized ROTC girl, who may be afraid of heights. And she has an awesomely awesome time hanging out with friends and watching either TMNT or MMPower Rangers.
What do you want to do tonight?

I don't know, let's just do the Breana and watch TMNT.
by Schuyler Storm March 18, 2010
Top Definition
The best friend anyone could ever have. Your Breana will always be there for you and can help you through any situation. Breana is a beautiful and outrageous girl. Don't let your Breana down because she loves you very much and will love you more and more, no matter what.
Breana is my best friend
by PIEsquare January 09, 2009
Super awesome friend that knows how to have fun. She loves partying, late nights and having the time of her life. Also loves video games, gets along well with guys when it comes to video games. Very adventurous girl. If your looking for fun, turn to Breana!!!
Bob: This party sucks...
Sally: Let's pump up the party and call up Breana!
by tacobell69 April 23, 2010
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