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The famous teenage white girl that constantly posts pointless pictures to her 3 Instagram accounts, and adds the shittiest quality snapchats imaginable to her story. She's also obsessed with #mcms on young boys and crushes on 40 year old famous men. You could try to have a conversation with her, but she'd probably just reply with "same." If she could, she'd eat chipotle for every meal with her dog chester, but unfortunately she has to attend school, which she dislikes, so she vents about it on her vine. This year is the year of the campaign #wreckbreana2014, so feel free to harass her on her instagram pictures! She'll either reply with "same" or "stfu."
Breana Del Gatto-"Hey everyone, vote for me for community council! Thank you so much!"
Peers- "ehh nah stfu."
by WreckBreana2014 March 30, 2014

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