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a.k.a. Black Bear Diner, Breakfast Bear is prob THE most clutch spot to get your body the nourishment it needs after a long, hard night of drinking - or any type of partying for that matter - only as long as it's long and hard though (that's what she said).
John: Dude...I am sooooooo hungover. I can't even believe that I'm even awake right now.

Pete/ Dude: I know, right?! I actually think I'm still drunk.

Randy: (walks out scratching himself) Fuck! I just threw up a little bit. I'm doin, better now...hey Pete, why don't pack the pipe, dude!?

John: For real bro, shit! What's taking you so long?!

***smokes weed***

Randy: Hey dudes, you know would be so awesome right now?


by weezy_beezy May 15, 2009
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