A Cave Creek, Arizona term. Basically means guys who dress, and act like they can dirtbike. But really can't. They come up with their own terms too. Like: wicked sick brea, prolly a fish, brosie, etc. You can find them hanging out at the local Taco Bell, or gas station with their SRH stickered up trucks.
Look at Matt, he's such a brea. Hanging out at Taco Bell.
by HobeforeBro July 26, 2006
usually light skinned. someone of great nature, beauty, ediquette, and intellegence. though in her mind life is one big movie. very random female and has pyscho bitch tendencies
Wow...she's a Brea
by Random Rita November 10, 2010
They are loving, artistic, dramatic and loyal friends. They love to be the center of attention. They love thier family, but do not like people who mess with their family and friends. They are always ready to put on a show or start a new exciting project.
"Brea's are always prepared just in case inspiration should strike."
by AngelFace77 March 05, 2010
A smallish city (35k) in North Orange County, area code is 714 for the most part. Mostly white, with a smattering of mexicans and asians. Currently undergoing a bro infestation.

Everyone who lives here knows about the Brea Bubble: we live in a pretty little city with almost no crime, but with nothing to do. Stores close at 9, there is no nightlife.

People from out of town just know us for our mall.
Brea Resident: "Fuck, its 10PM and there's nothing to do. If i even go outside the cops are going to harass me because they have nothing else to do"

Non-Brea Resident: "Brea .... they have that mall, right?"
by unquenchablefire March 25, 2007
One of My Best Friends. Awesome Person With A Crazy Side. She Wild And Free And Doesn't Give A Crap What People Think. As Awesome Singer, Kind And Caring. But Will get Inn Your Face If You Hurt Someone She Cares About :/ She's A bitch But in A good Way.
Person 1: Did You See That , She's A Total Brea.
by BreaIsMyBabe November 23, 2011
Beautiful, kind, loving, sweet, funny, smart, can be a bitch if she doesn't like you, any guy is lucky to have her.
Brea is beautiful.
by Brea's good friend September 08, 2013
a non-bitchy girl, she enjoys long strolls across the beach, is a chef in the kitchen and a slut in the bed. Brea always gets what she wants and if she doesn't get what she wants she will make it happen.
that girl was such a brea, so beautiful
by your pimp daddy December 23, 2012

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