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1.The worlds best pornsite. 2. A female with large breast. 3. A synonym for the words awesome, cool, and bad-ass.
1.You've been spankin' it to Brazzers! 2. Dude that chick had some brazzers tits. 3. Yesterday I was bombin this hill on my bike and did the brazzers ass jump and totally blew a tire.
by poopsex42069185 October 07, 2009
A brazzer is an Irish slang word or a vulgar word for a female prostitute.
I don't think that brazzer comes cheap!
The smell of beef coming from that brazzers box.
by Cian Mac Slinneadoir October 11, 2005
Brazzers is labeled pretty much the best website in the world with all the top pornstars in the best scenes and scenarios. They are now a large brand and a recognized throughout the world.

I was also said that the word Brazzer is derived from an imigrant arabic boy who wanted to say Brother but blurted out Brazzer.
Did u see the latest Brazzers site?
by Tommy_gunz March 18, 2008
A fine women with huge luscious breasts. They are usually found on the chest of pornstars.
"That bitch has huge brazzers"
by jsac January 30, 2008
Big fuckin tits! Awesome, big, round, usually fake tits too.
Dude, i jizzed all over your moms huge ass brazzers!
by C Kit February 13, 2008
the second dimension of bro or a deeper term for your homeboy.
yo waddup brazzer!

Doug you ma brazzer
by waka flacka flamez October 13, 2011
Racial slur used mostly in Chicago to describe Mexicans.
Juan is such a Brazzer.
by DJ Matteo November 20, 2007