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An annoying species who take joy in ticking off English-speaking players on English servers of MMO games, usually by speaking Brazilian and expecting everyone to understand, OR by raging and naming other players "nob's" if they get defeated.
US (English) player : "Hey, Erica! How was your day! Want to slay some monsters?"
US player 2 : "Sure! But first--"
Brazilian player named narto1447 : "aff wew foda se jaja nobos tres mi pene es en fuego :)))"
US players : "what."
by YU NARUKAMI July 13, 2013
Beautiful women with a big love for beaches and bikinis. There is a big stereotype that they have big asses -though most of them don't. Many of them are famous as a singer, or models. They are tanned, and known to be very nice, but can sometimes be misunderstood by having an attitude. Don't you ever dare to call them fucking sluts, it's not going to be pretty.
Anna (American) : "OMG that bitch is such a slut, she thinks her ass can get in all guys' pants!!! Ughh she must be Brazilian."
Carol (Brazilian, but lives in America): "What did you just say?! Are you fucking kidding me ?! Oh f**k no! Jealus bitch, you might wanna take out those earings of yours." .....
by brazilian love March 16, 2011
Having a 'Brazilian' involves the complete removal of body hair in and around the pubic area. This has become accepted as the norm for most women under 40.
When you had your legs waxed did you also get a Brazilian?
by Sydney Max May 19, 2009
Female pubic area that has been completely shaven, leaving absolutely no hair behind. Not to be confused with a landing strip, which is a partially shaven pubic area that is shaped like an airport runway.
Carrie: I wouldn't be caught dead in that bikini.
Samantha: Honey, you better hope you were dead, if you were caught wearing that bikini without shaving.
Carrie: I shave down there.
Samantha: Honey, you're gonna need more than just a shave, you're gonna need a Brazilian.
by bjsk90 April 04, 2007
Gen. A pubic style of hair
Spec. The style of pubic hair that involves waxing everywhere except for a small strip of vertical hair that lies above the vagina - often described as a "landing strip".
Actually, just about every woman I know. Ask for a look...
by d1gerat1 January 14, 2005
A really huge number, in the region of a million billion or more.
iPhones are for pretentious middle-aged wankers and will go out of fashion before they even come into it. I wouldn't buy one one even if I had a brazilian pounds.
by heckzecutive August 06, 2008
A word used to describe a shaven pussy.
"I lifted up her skirt, she had a brazilian"
by Anonymous June 25, 2003