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A new poetic form, derived from the classical sonnet's 14 lines, that presents these in stanzas of 5, 4, 3 and 2 lines, not necessarily in this order. On occasion, the author chooses to have an extra 1-line stanza

So called for the nationality of the first author to use it.
The Brazilian Sonnet is a new poetic form.

On a Dark Starless Evening

I find it hard to believe
that we are here, a thumbed breed
when once there was not a name
without a process ingrained
other than thoughts from a being.

Even if a mighty one,
since there is science, there's some
processes that take their place
for minds have them been seeing

It does not say a whole lot
about if there is a god
for it might be agreeing

Yet some would say scientists
must have magic'lly congiened
on a dark, starless evening.
by bunytou April 18, 2011

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