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The act of vomiting, in a particularly violent and uncontrollable manner.
"I'm never going to KEBAB-ME again after they gave me this kebab of mass destruction. I just did a Brazilian Kiss down your toilet."
by Pip December 27, 2003
Brazilian kissing is the hottest. It is just like a deep french kiss with tongue sucking. Taking turns sucking eachothers tongues.
I would suggest it.
I love when she kisses me Brazilian Kiss style and sucks my tongue.
by A #1 The Real Shit March 09, 2010
See: Australian Kiss.
The same as the Australian Kiss but you rip out all of her pubic hair first.
I would love to give that girl a Brazilian Kiss
by gymincognito April 20, 2009
Putting your face into your partner's ass while they take a fart during sex.
I just ate a whole can of beans before this so you better be ready for a brazilian kiss or two.
by Reddog500 August 08, 2006