A handsome Colombian guy who loves playing guitar and being with family. No one can top Brayan
Holy sh*^ is that Brayan, hes one cool dude
by Wordup91 January 13, 2012
Top Definition
A very good looking boy who is always there for his friends. Is always true to his words and when he says he will do something he does it. Is very cocky and ambitions. Brayan loves money and girls. His wallet is always full and works hard. He has a big dick and is an amazing boyfriend
That boy brayan is chill
by gdhdjdj December 13, 2013
A franking hot medium size guy that is very sweet and nice with girls. But be careful poke him too much and he'll fight back. He is definitely not a fight but he fights for what he loves. He has a huge dick and his color is usually not dark.
The guy next to you Brayan
by The guy next to you of course November 20, 2013
A Latino that looks like a dark skin asian, who's friends are shorter than him. He likes to come late to class and hang out with his friends, his friends sometimes refer to him as chino. may seem ghetto but he's a kind heartened, caring guy with huge feet and a huge dick. intoxicated or not he is great in bed and will take care of your needs.
by anonymous_1111 June 11, 2012
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