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(Noun) a gay woman who loves women sexually, physically, and emotionally, these lesbians are somewhat masculine and feminine in traits and mannerisms. They may have an arrogant swagg and possibly be a womanizer. The important aspect in this identity is the individual's wish to emphasize their masculine and feminine qualities. Also, there is no constraint for the masculine/feminine traits to be expressed equally. However usually women who identify as this feel they possess similar amounts of masculine and feminine qualities.

Examples include:
A woman who dresses boyish and has a soft demeanor and is a playa
A girl with very dominant personality who fluctuates in dress looking femme one day and masculine or androgynous the next
A feminine girl who's role in relationships is dominate and possibly her sexual conquests numerous
Girl 1: Yo, did you hear about Nikeshia and that girl?
Girl 2: Yah she got turned out by some brawny gal from around the way.
Girl 1: brawny gal?
Girl 2: Yah, this playa-type lesbian was seriously flirting with the girl all night in de club. Nikeshia didn't stand a chance that chic's a pro.
Girl 1: You were there, with her at the gay bar?
Girl 2: Naw i was already there and saw dem making out in the back.
Girl 1: Wait... already there, are you?
by Eyeland_beauty November 23, 2009
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