Knowing something is incredibly stupid that makes sense to do, but you know you'll get your ass kicked for doing it. And still you step up and do it because no one else will. Or confronting you're worst fears but acting like it's nothing and facing down the fear.
A professor in a university once stressed a huge test that was coming up that was worth 3/4 of your total semesters grade. When the students got the test they were stunned. There was only one question:
What is bravery?
all the students got to work and wrote for hours, except one he tapped his pencil on the desk, smiled, andtook the test up to the teacher. It was handed back to him with a 100% at the top.
The students answer was:
This is Bravery.
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011
Top Definition
the act of stealing a black mans chicken and trying to get away with it
Damn johns got alot of bravery stealing that black mans KFC
by Jason 1228 January 21, 2010
a man with diarrhea chancing a fart
plain and simple. just that^
by wrestlerbob March 24, 2005
You got the balls to do anything. You say "Fuck you" To death's face. You can sarcasticly scared "ooh I'm really fucking scared".
That dudes got bravery from both a lion and a bull.
by Alan Massacre April 16, 2008
Bravery is the exact opposite of strength in the face of a far lesser foe.
The man who called Hank a pussy did not exemplify bravery.
by h7u9i August 05, 2011
Doing something that you know you will 99.9% fail, but you do it anyway. Going against everyone to protect a single man. Putting your life on the line to save some cowardly men from death. You do it because it's right. Not because you want people to honor you.
The Medal of Honor is proof of bravery
by big daddy gets all the bitches February 23, 2012
Prefix to failure, see also boldness
The fallen soldiers were commended for their bravery
by Andrew Shaw April 12, 2005
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