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When you intentionally misquote a joke, a movie line, or song to get a person in the room to correct you!

You are said to have Brauned them.
when quoting Caddyshack movie, "20 bucks says you slice"

the real quote, "100 bucks says you slice"

upon hearing a song with a group of people that is famously Bon Jovi ........ you say - " I love Journey" ... when someone corrects you - you say "I Brauned you" (with great satisfaction)
by Reevenator September 11, 2012
When you are suspended or banned from partaking in an activity or game.
"Yo bro, did you get some action from Jenny last night?"
"No, I got Brauned"
by Yeppers243 July 23, 2013
The act of screwing up a joke or well known saying.

When someone is caught doing that, you say, "You Brauned that one"
Common Saying: "That guy's nuts. Grab him!"

If you said, "That guys crazy. Grab his nuts!" I would say, You Brauned that one.
by Psedonym Guy May 28, 2010
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