Braulio is the best person ever. All he does is care for his friends and family. He's always there for you, doesn't lie, and means what he says. He is always real. He is the bestest bestfriend in the whole entire world. He won't let people mess with you if you're someone he knows. He always has your back. He will trust you until you give him a reason not to. He has a biggest heart in the world, and he doesn't hate anybody. He won't waste his time on people that don't realy care. And he can tell if you're fake or real. He is my amazing boy<3. ILoveYou Boo.<33
Braulio will stand by you, even when everyone else leaves you alone.
by kaylaa<3 November 13, 2011
Top Definition
A brilliant and exceptionally well-spoken individual. A good person, great sense of humor. Compulsive reader, always getting into trouble, fights A LOT. Excellent friend.
Braulio really kicked some ass in that debate.
by dgqigibdkbwidh2djk April 25, 2010
Braulio is the best person you will ever meet!! He will give you the butterflies anytime you see him! He is so perfect and it makes it hard for you to be with him because you feel he is to good for you, even though you have a really strong feeling about him and wish there could be more!! HE IS JUST PERFECT AND YOU WILL NEVER WANT TO LEAVE HIM!!!

I Love you!!
by ~ J :D July 09, 2013
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