Attleboro's Evil Twin, ruled by the Evil King of Brattleboro.
I have come to defeat the Evil King of Brattleboro in the name of the Good Queen!
by The Evil King of Brattleboro September 06, 2010
Top Definition
A beautiful little town located in Southern Vermont and consisting mainly of hippys, homosexuals, gangsters, rednecks, and too many young preppy girls.
Hippy: "I've lived in Brattleboro all of my 62 acid-tripping years!"

Homosexual: "Well I'm going to Brattleboro because I saw them on the news and my free-spirited self wants to go somewhere where I can express myself freely."

Redneck: "FAG!"

Gangster: "Shut up Carhartt-wearing asshole. And the fag too."

Young preppy girls: "Bad words!!!!"
by emmy752 February 24, 2009

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