someone that drive you crazy and never goes when it is there turn but you just cant get enough of them!
courtney yost is a brat!
by brownbuckeyes October 30, 2011
A girl/boy who needs a good spanking.
Jon:"My girlfriend has been such a brat lately"
Joe:"do what I do, give her a spanking"
Jon:"That could be fun"
Joe:"Yeah, it'll work too"
by brattyyy October 20, 2010
Someone who stands %100 for Cher Lloyd.
Brat 1: Do you like Cher Lloyd's music?
Brat 2: Yeah, I do.
by CataHoran December 06, 2012
Tiny mostly weak rich kids that has a lot of money but mostly just get´s robbeb of them.

A brat can never, under no circumstances be "hard as stone".
Shut it you brat!
by Jeeves von Schnaupel February 14, 2004
A gir/boy that needs a spanking.
Jim: "My girlfriend has been a really big brat lately"
Joe: "Just do what I do, spank her"
Jim: "That could be fun"
Joe: "Yeah it's fun for both of you, and it works!"
by brattyyy October 21, 2010
pronounced (brott) like brätwurst this word has the same meaning and usage as the term sausage fest, a party with no women.
Man this place is a total brät, I'm outta here!
by Jonmkl February 06, 2008
a bratwurst, usually buyable at baseball and football (american) games, served with mustard and ketchup, very good
"hey lenny get me a brat while you're up"
by Jewishcracka December 22, 2005

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