short for "born raised and transferred" applies to kids whose parent(s) are / were in one of the armed services (army, navy, air force). Due to the fact that servicemen/servicewomen rarely stayed at one base for more than two or three years at a time before being re-assigned to another... sort of like a peace time "tour of duty" kids referred to themsleves as brats. also known as a service brat
first guy: hey what do you do?

brat: oh i'm a service brat
by eastleaf July 05, 2006
grown adult who acts and looks like a 12 year old.
minhye is such a brat.

she always says "i so cute".
by pho masta May 03, 2005
A maggoty, spoiled, lil' bastard who does nothing but whine and bitch a terribly lot, annoying you out of your mind. (usually referred to as "little sister" or "baby brother")
Little Sister: (in the middle of a VERY crowded mall) I want candy! (starts crying) WAHHHH! GIMME CANDY NOW!

You: (looking through some XBox games) My, just shut the f*** up you stupid little BRAT.

Baby Brother: (starts crying for no reason at all) WAAAAAAAHHHH!

You: (listening to music) Quit bitching and shut the f*** up, you brat!
by stupidoldman April 10, 2009
Someone who deserves a good smack on the butt. Most of the time your girlfriend.
said playfully: "if you don'y stop being a brat I am going to smack you one"
by brattyyy October 19, 2010
A relatively recent development in the BDSM community, a brat is a woman who suggests she is ripe for a submissive sexual encounter, but diliberately and flagrantly torment prospective doms. Brats often dress like young girls, sport Catholic school uniforms or dress like Bratz dolls. Often they band in packs and suggest there is immense pleasure available from the group for the right (and lucky) dominant male. Males must "prove" their dominance to the satisfaction of the group. Most serious BDSM practioners put a premium on total honesty and trust and thus the brat phenomenom has not been welcomed by all.
The seductive brat in the corner were trying to cocktease Sir Robert but he wasn't buying it.
by Bill Peters July 29, 2006
Someone who stands %100 for Cher Lloyd.
Brat 1: Do you like Cher Lloyd's music?
Brat 2: Yeah, I do.
by CataHoran December 06, 2012
Brats are known for their spoiled tendencies and whiny behavior. They can never be wrong and always have to have their way, but usually they are wrong.
Steven: The world revolves around me.
Amanda: You're a brat.
Steven: You're a brat.
Steven: You're a brat.
Steven: UGH! You're a brat.
Amanda: ...
by murlocasdajdjsakl April 26, 2012

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