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Brassic Bhai (Bra-sick Boy) was once a normal rapper/lawyer based in Mumbai. He was a huge pervert and he loved boobs. He loved boobs so much he used to grope unsuspecting women all the time. One day while he attempted groping an obese woman who was twice as fat as Brassic Bhai. She shoved her boob into his mouth so hard that his throat became sore. Since that day, Brassic Bhai attained his trademark sqwaky voice thanks to the huge boob and got so sick of boobs that he named himself the 'Bra-Sick Boy'
Dude 1: Hi.

Dude 2: You're such a Brassic Bhai. You suck.
by diehardbrassicbhaifan September 10, 2011
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