1. (Verb) from the French "brasser". The act of brewing a hot beverage, like tea.

2. (Noun) As above. A brew, usually hot.
1. The tea is weak, it is the second brasse with that bag.

2. What a flavourful brasse!
by AlexeiB. February 26, 2005
Top Definition
Att genomlida ett förödmjukande nederlag på hemmaplan. Mot Tyskland.
"Såg du matchen igår?"
"Ah mannen, sjukt att Brasilien fick så mycket stryk."
"7-1 mot Tyskland på hemmaplan, kan inte vara lätt."
"Där gjorde dom en riktig brasse."
by semi.style August 11, 2014
Your friends, pals , good buddies
Me and my brasse went out last night. My brasse is the best
by Afrikaaner12 May 26, 2010
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