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Similar to the Donkey Punch, this sexual maneuver incorporates brass knuckles for that extra kick to get you over the hump.
After the original Donkey Punch lost its luster, Matt broke out his brass knuckles and Brass Donkey Punched his fuck buddy Sarah.
by Mario N. Luigi February 27, 2009
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The brass donkey punch is very similar to the original donkey punch. For you will be doing your girl doggy style and as you are about to climax you will punch her in the back of the head in order to make your vaginal wall muscles tighten to better your orgasm, but with the brass donkey punch you have brass knuckles on which even betters the punching effect and tightens the vaginal walls more.
I gave my girl the brass donkey punch last night and was it good, too bad she has a concussion.
by Tsquare May 01, 2005

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