money. da scratch. moolah. dough. the long green. do-rey-me. bread.
No brass, no pizza.
Know brass, know pizza.
by CHRIS October 11, 2003
Verb "to brass up".
Australian military slang for shoot.
Come from the fact that ammunition has brass cases.
We lay in ambush for a few hours, then 3 enemy came down the track - we brassed them up then fucked off.
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
1)an expressing of displeasure
Chris you are truly brass
by kunal April 29, 2003
Breath that smells like ass.
Get your brass out of my face!
by Cheryl Griffin January 25, 2008
Brooke's ass or also used to make tubas. Can really be any white girls ass.
I slapped some really fine brass last night up in dat club. or I really like your tuba, it is made out of brass.
by zaftig September 22, 2007
said 'braass' as opposed to 'brarse'

When something is of terrible quality
"Yo blad dem creps are brass blad, allow dem Hi-Tech creps blad"
by J December 04, 2006
To 'Brass' a mutha-fucka is too shoot someone.
Military jargon based on the bullet casings.
Common in Australian military, but also commonly used on the street
"I'm gunna brass this little bitch."
by Diego August 17, 2003

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