brass knuckles!
Some nucka tried to toss game on my girls ass, so I turned em around to have his face meet my brass!
by Thomas April 20, 2004
expensive prostitute
He runs a flat with 2 brass.
by Neilesh September 04, 2003
1)A yellow metal 2)A totalitarian dictatorship in the form of a file sharing hub
Dude, brass sucks.
by assface February 08, 2003
It means brass knuckles in most American ghettos.
"Yo ese i gonna lay my brass upside that putas dome!!"
"i just got some new brass at the pawn shop dog!"
by mateo chavez August 18, 2007
Code word that rapper emubi used when he was in highskul.
Wasup D boy,u gat some brass?
by Vodoh May 19, 2009
Breath that smells like ass.
Get your brass out of my face!
by Cheryl Griffin January 25, 2008
A kind of metal that isn't as cool as silver or gold.
most metals are cool, but brass is lame
by where am i? March 04, 2005

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