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I am pretty sure that the top comment is correct, it does mean prostitute in cockney rhyming slang but I read somewhere that it comes from people saying brass flute for prostitute which makes more sense to me then brass nail.
She's always got a cock in her mouth, she's a brass babe.
by Eavesy September 19, 2013
Having little or no money.

(pronounced with a short vowel sound as in "hat" not as in "father".)

Note: Other UK-based definitions entered on this site probably stem from this definition, which itself is likely to be derived from the cockney rhyming slang "brassic lint" for "skint".
I can't go out, I'm brass.
by wajimacallit January 23, 2007
A word to mean something/someone is bad. An adjective or an exclamation.

Pronounced with a short 'a' sound, like 'gas' or 'sassy'.

The opposite of nang.

I only have enough draw for one more joint. Brass!

This club is so brass. Let's leave.
by aecm August 09, 2007
having no money to spend
I can't go out this weekend, I'm brass.
by R3000 December 07, 2004
a term used for something or someone that is bad. comes from cockney rhyming slang term brassic lint - skint. a term for someone who is poor. as people with little money in east london used to polish thier shoes with brassic lint or boracic lint. brass simply short for brassic.
'happy hardcore is brass'

'thats brass'
by mceks1 September 08, 2009
meaning something is rubbish, crap, shite, bollocks.

Originating from the 700th era of the byzanthianroing period where cavemen as such were digging around with their rocks and discovered brass, the first one went: uggy mcugg brassugg, which scholars have translated it to 'that's brass' which is now commonly used by ghetto teenagers.
"That new Dizzee Rascall choon was BRASS"

Pronounced Br.Ass
by Dr Howard Jones October 10, 2006
brass knuckles!
Some nucka tried to toss game on my girls ass, so I turned em around to have his face meet my brass!
by Thomas April 20, 2004