a really sweet guy
past the stage of a boy, but not quite yet a man
who loves to make new friends.
loyal, caring, and shy.
he is really random at times, and can get away with anything(:
everyone loves him, always hanging out with girls, but not a man whore; a girl's best friend.
REALLY naive and oblivious to things most the time.
isnt he so cute?

yeah, he must be brandon
by a;sdlkf;asdlfj March 06, 2012
The Sexiest Fucking Guy Alive!He's Angie boy And Rocks Her World ;)also know as random man...but dont tell anyone
Hey Angie!
your dating brandon.S right?
Fer Sure!!!
i know =D
by angie siniester January 30, 2008
1. One sexy son of a bitch.

2. A person of high caliber.

3. A Pimp

That B-Randon was all up on those bitches.
by teben January 29, 2006
A country boy from the backwoods. Will answer when someone randomly screams "HEY, REDNECK!" Strangely sounds like Matthew McConaughey when he speaks. Likes to buy old run down Dodge trucks and take long rides on his fourwheeler in muddy pastures. Only wears underwear on special occasions. A great friend that makes girls feel special with his southern carms.
Person1: "Whoa! That sounds like Matthew McCoaughey!"
Person2: "Nah, that's just Brandon."

"That guy looks like he's free ballin', he is such a Brandon."
by southernsexy August 13, 2011
Brandon is a person who is cold to everyone but can show his human side like Sasuke Uchiha when it's appropriate he is not afraid of death he is a strong and patient person.
Watch a episode of naruto with saskaue in it he acts like a Brandon
by Otakue November 11, 2013
Brandon is a very sexy,
Cute, amazing guy any girl would want.
He always has one girl on his mind and lives her with all his heart.
He will make anyone's day brighter,
And if someone is mean or hurts his friends,
He will stick up for what he believes in.
Brandon is a very sporty athletic boy

And the beatest boyfriend ever.
Brandon: hey
Her: hey sad
Brandon: what's wrong?
Her: Its nothing
Brandon: well whatever's wrong, ill be ere for you. I love you
Her: I love you too
by Hehe:3imbre October 26, 2012
a effing amazing guy , who always has a smile on his face ! brandon the name came from some place ive never heard of , other than that brandon people are usally HOT and amazing !
" ohh whos that hot guy , awkks thats my boyfriend , btw hes name is brandon :) "
by some spunk September 25, 2011

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