a sweet, gentle, caring, loyal, kind, faithful, loving, strong, joyful, awesome, delightful, Godly man. He is unlike any guy I have ever met. A strong believer, a great Christian. He includes everyone, and doesn't want anyone to feel left out. He has the best smile that can warm your heart. He always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. He is a wonderful friend. and surely, with out a doubt, a treasure of God's.
Brandon is a strong, faithful follower of God.

Brandon is the sweetest guy I have ever met.

I wish I could see Brandon more often, he always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face.
by placidperson June 10, 2011
The Sexiest Fucking Guy Alive!He's Angie boy And Rocks Her World ;)also know as random man...but dont tell anyone
Hey Angie!
your dating brandon.S right?
Fer Sure!!!
i know =D
by angie siniester January 30, 2008
1. One sexy son of a bitch.

2. A person of high caliber.

3. A Pimp

That B-Randon was all up on those bitches.
by teben January 29, 2006
An awsome person who is caring funny and nice to everyone

He is the person that will slap a smile on your face when ever your feeling sad.

He's usally friends with girls. And never likes more than one person.
He's awsome, I bet his name is Brandon
by Britney Sing December 05, 2011
Brandon is a person who is cold to everyone but can show his human side like Sasuke Uchiha when it's appropriate he is not afraid of death he is a strong and patient person.
Watch a episode of naruto with saskaue in it he acts like a Brandon
by Otakue November 11, 2013
Brandon is a very sexy,
Cute, amazing guy any girl would want.
He always has one girl on his mind and lives her with all his heart.
He will make anyone's day brighter,
And if someone is mean or hurts his friends,
He will stick up for what he believes in.
Brandon is a very sporty athletic boy

And the beatest boyfriend ever.
Brandon: hey
Her: hey sad
Brandon: what's wrong?
Her: Its nothing
Brandon: well whatever's wrong, ill be ere for you. I love you
Her: I love you too
by Hehe:3imbre October 26, 2012
This man is the love of my life, he's crazy and weird, but funny , sweet, and kind. Everyone should be jelly that I haz him.
Brandon is a sexy motherfucker
by undiscovered1996 July 13, 2012
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