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The Sexiest Fucking Guy Alive!He's Angie boy And Rocks Her World ;)also know as random man...but dont tell anyone
Hey Angie!
your dating brandon.S right?
Fer Sure!!!
i know =D
by angie siniester January 30, 2008
Temperamental. He cares about his loved ones deeply and only wants the best for them. Confident, arrogant almost, too arrogant. Skilled in athletics and good in school. Misunderstood, but those close enough to him know who he really is. Easy to talk to, very caring and protective. Safe. He is honest and loyal no matter what. Doesn't easily admit to failure and can be greedy. His arrogance causes him to be mean to people and hes known to speak before thinking, but in the end you know his hearts content.
Brandon's such a babe.
by grizzlygrizzlybear September 01, 2012
1. One sexy son of a bitch.

2. A person of high caliber.

3. A Pimp

That B-Randon was all up on those bitches.
by teben January 29, 2006
The most wonderful friend who doesn't seem to notice how in love the girl closest to him is. A Brandon will flirt constantly without realizing it and is shy to touch any girl seriously. He has a way of getting in your head and driving you crazy. The kind of best friend you just want to kiss brainless, but know you never will.
Haley: Omg why can't Brandon see how much I love him? He's such a great friend.
Trina: Maybe because you won't tell him duh.
Haley: But if I do he won't want to be besties anymore!
Trina: OMG he's such a total Brandon
by Floridababe16 August 18, 2011
A country boy from the backwoods. Will answer when someone randomly screams "HEY, REDNECK!" Strangely sounds like Matthew McConaughey when he speaks. Likes to buy old run down Dodge trucks and take long rides on his fourwheeler in muddy pastures. Only wears underwear on special occasions. A great friend that makes girls feel special with his southern carms.
Person1: "Whoa! That sounds like Matthew McCoaughey!"
Person2: "Nah, that's just Brandon."

"That guy looks like he's free ballin', he is such a Brandon."
by southernsexy August 13, 2011
a effing amazing guy , who always has a smile on his face ! brandon the name came from some place ive never heard of , other than that brandon people are usally HOT and amazing !
" ohh whos that hot guy , awkks thats my boyfriend , btw hes name is brandon :) "
by some spunk September 25, 2011
is considered a sweetheart, very loving person ,funny, lover, handsome, awesome, and smart in everyway, also very good in bed, A Brandon is a true homie, he will always have your back in everything no matter what, anybody who knows him is lucky because their one of a kind. any girl with brandon is very lucky because he cares alot, is truthful, and charming. He will make your life happy!
brandon is funny i cant stop laughing when im around him.

Brandon is a true lover.
by BamG July 25, 2011