A boy who has bad taste in haircuts aka fool
hes is brandon b
by ur mum gays July 01, 2009
a tool that was raised in many places. usually lies about the most random things to seem like he is cool, when in all reality, he is a faggot. self acclaimed "d1 prospect"
Ex 1: "Hey where is brandon from?"
"He is from New orleans, mexico, los angeles, and compton."

Ex 2: "Dude i got 6 kegs lets throw a party"
"you're such a brandon"
by joe blow 699 March 30, 2009
An asshole who doesn't care about anybody's feelings and will dump a girl for no reason at all. Usually portugese and takes drugs. Also fails at academics.
girl: so..i hear you're single again?
brandon: yea, im sorry.
girl: why didn't you at least tell me?
brandon: i don't know. im sorry. i want a girl who lives closer to me.
by Watamelon May 27, 2009
is a name for a type of plunger most commenly used in every day peoples households.

"thats a nice brandon you got there"
reply " thanks it fits in the hole really well"
by Blabla bla bla bla September 01, 2006
a duche bag. a stupid ass. one who cheats on his girlfriend with ugly ass girls. cunt. a liar. master minipulator. can talk his way out of anything. a guys who goes around from girl to girl.player/ sluttly man. emo . dick.

dont belive a thing brandon says
brandon: i want to be more than friends with you... we have known each other so long and together almost every day. I love you.

girl: i love you too. :)

girl leaves for a weekend....comes back.... brandon has a girlfriend now who is not that girl!!!

girl: what happened?? to us?? to me and you ? i leave for one weekend and you have a girlfriend???

brandon: i dont wanna fight. i dont even know how i hooked uop with this girl....i really do love you...i'm so so sorry.

brandon doesnt break up with her for about a week... and expects the girl to right back in his arms.... she's not.

so he goes around and plays other girl.

brandon and girl HATE each other!!!!
by baby h September 01, 2008
1.A gay asian who tries to act white.

2.A douchebag who fails every class in school.
Brandon has an IQ below 50, how can such a retard exist?
by thatshoweroll March 31, 2007
A guy who people think is gay at first, once they get to know him they know the only thing he likes is touching himself while watching ABBA videos in a movie theatre- or a guy with a 3 inch member
Lol that guy is such a Brandon
by Asad Jamal September 15, 2008

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