Back Flip Fail!
Brandon ,Jumping off of a table in tech and landing on your head! :P
by x ML_1996 x December 13, 2010
An guy who is generally considered to be an asshole. He probably has messed up teeth and looks as if he has fetal alcohol syndrome. He enjoys lying and causing a lot of unnecessary drama in people's lives. He hangs out with friends who are either fat or pussy virgins so he can feel like a bad ass.
Girl 1: "Wow, whats wrong with that guy's face?"
Girl 2: "Oh, he's just a Brandon."

Girl 1: "Ugh, where did all this stupid drama come from?!"
Girl 2: "I told you not to hang out with Brandon..."
by onepointfive December 07, 2010
Full out flamer!! Loves the cock!!
I'm such a Brandon
by g-man12 September 08, 2010
A young hot boy who dances for older girls and has many "cougars".
Karissa and Caitlin are Brandon's cougars and expect him to dance for them.
by cougar1 February 05, 2010
A Brandon is a Player. He will pick 2 unlucky girls and go back and forth until they realize he isnt really that cute or interesting after all and find someone else. He is also extremely gay. Everyone suspects he likes penis in his butthole because he walks around like one is already stuck in it. He is also extremely boring. He is a big "oneword texter" and he'll make you make all the decisions and do all the work in the relationship. His Gayness isnt the only thing that is Flaming, his acne is HORRID. Over all he is a Jerk that cant be trusted, so dont waste your time on him.
Girl #1: Girl cheer up he isnt worth it
Girl #2: (in tears)
girl #1 : he is such a Brandon! girl you were just his cover!
by EX girlfriend (: November 05, 2011
Faggot is the right word for this guy. he is a low life and doesnt know how to keep his mouth shutt for ANYTHING do not ever go out with a brandon cause all he does is make you mad
yea man he is such a Brandon
by A Person o.O December 12, 2010
A really sweet red head with a soul. The perfect woman for this man would be a Macee. Short, Pretty, and Strong.
K: 'Macee you should date Brandon Hampton!'
M: 'I think I will, he's amazing!!'
by Macee Storer July 01, 2010

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