A really sweet red head with a soul. The perfect woman for this man would be a Macee. Short, Pretty, and Strong.
K: 'Macee you should date Brandon Hampton!'
M: 'I think I will, he's amazing!!'
by Macee Storer July 01, 2010
A slang word meaning to ejaculate in an unordly fashion. In such a way that could possibly drown the targeted woman and or woman population.
Wow, that guy just brandoned that girl...
by B-mizzy October 18, 2009
a little boy who has ginger hair and the biggest choud that you will ever see, if you can even see it. He also sucks at all Call of Duty games.
person 1: omg, we just pwnd that team in COD

person 2: what did you expect, we were playing against brandon
by BigT 232 December 07, 2010
Halfbaked Indian-Italian kid. He has the most peculiar way of walking, moving his feet as any man would, but holding his arms completely motioneless relative to his body. Some would wonder while watching this how he manages to stay upright and keep his balance, the only possible answer is he has extremely heavy feet. He is often seen intruding into other people's conversations and laughing fakely, asking what the joke was directly after. You may feel the need to noose yourself if you get into a drawn out conversation with him.

butt of all jokes.

the b-man.
S- "hey man whats that wobbly shit on the dance floor?"

K- "Thats only Brandon, don't worry no one has to clean it up"
by TEH GUHY September 23, 2010
An alright guy, but has a veeeery tiny dick and can be one too. has homosexual tendencies
Sarah: I was with this guy last night. He had a really tiny dick
Anna: Brandon?
Sarah: Yea
The kindest person you will ever meet. Brandon will be there for you every day every second along the way. The dude with the biggest cock and the magic fingers. The good looking, intelligent, charming one. The one who makes you laugh constantly, the one with the maddest dancing skills on the planet. The one that will piss you off, but you'll love. A ledge.
OMG, he's such a Brandon!
by zooosha June 29, 2011
A tall, sexy guy with a porno dick. Despite his sexiness, he is very insecure and jealous of others. He is unsure of who he is and jacks the style of those surrounding him. He is controlling and extremely sensitive. Some would refer to him as a little bitch. If ever dating a Brandon, be sure to arrive home by 1AM or you are likely to have your cell blown up all night. Brandon is a spiteful significant other. When the inevitable break-up ensues, know that you will quickly be replaced, but by a laughable downgrade.
Girl 1: Did you see that sexy-ass guy!?!

Girl 2: Yeah, but don't waste your time, I hear he's a total Brandon.

Girl 1: Aww, what a shame.
by bird2011 March 05, 2010

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