a guy who hangs out with all type of people,might follow friends home if bored
"brandon with this eable for this week"
by truePeopleTrueFacts March 24, 2016
The asshole that can't say no and fucks shit up
Damn fuckin Brandon!
by Damnmamiiioch March 24, 2016
A complete and total douchebag
Only wants girls for sex
Wont care about anyone's feelings except for his own
by Zugzwang716 February 28, 2016
selfish guy, seems sweet at first but you will eventually see his true colors. he is not one to stick to only one girl.
"dont date brandon, he wont take you serious"
by 12loly34 February 27, 2016
A great guy with a million friends. Loved by everyone. Never left out. by far the most popular kid in the school.
Omg guys its brandon how is he so popular.
by oh snap1234 January 27, 2016
A complete dickhead
I hate that Brandon
by Pese January 10, 2016
He's cool and chill he's that one guys you'll see in the corner just chilling
Brandons cool and chill
by i dont know May 20, 2015
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