A complete and utter fucking twat. Never date a guy called Brandon. He will cheat on you several times.
I hate Brandon.
by chlomosexual123 March 06, 2016
That homeless guy you see living under the staircase. He is nice, but you can't take your mind off that smell radiating from his body that you can't identify.
Damn, did you see that homeless guy sleeping in his own vomit?

Ya bro, he looks like such a Brandon
by MrToasty November 05, 2015
Brandons are white furry creatures, almost neon white. He lurks around for beagle licking's attention 24/7. They like to flex their small micro sized muscles while around the ladies. If you see a Brandon, you'll notice his tall linky looking buddy.......and a beagle. He likes to lick his mom's clit until it turns into a crusty rasin in his mouth.
" hey brandon & dakota....& beagle, do you want a rasin?"
#brandon #rasins #beagles #clit #dogs
by nootlicker April 15, 2013
Brandons can be idiots, but when you get to know them they can be real sweethearts. Well, that depends on what

Brandon you know. The one I know is sporty, and can be very annoying. But he is my friend :)
I have no examples for brandon
#meow #hiss #grr #mask #lol
by apocolipse123 May 15, 2012
Lacrosse player and drummer, has a huge dick and is amazing in bed, has dated strippers and eaten their hearts for breakfast, but is extremely nice at the same time. Athletic, tattooed, pierced, and sexy. Makes a great friend and boyfriend for any girl.
Person 1: Hey, I saw you got a new boyfriend...
Person 2: Yeah! His name is Brandon.
Person 1: OMG!!! Really he's really cute!
Person 2: I know, his dick is huge too.
Person 1: Do you have a picture of it?
Person 2: Da fuck? I'm not showing you Tinker-twat!!!!
#brandon #nate #lacrosse #dick #eric #sexy
by ohmycod September 05, 2011
A guy with a huge dick a very nice personality loves to sing but knows he cant. Has one best friend but loves her for his own. Overall the perfect man!
I would love me a brandon!
#great #amazing #huge #lovable #predator
by dixon099 March 02, 2009
A person everyone loves to hate.
An individual with a large capacity and/or strong affinity for sport history and knowledge.
An individual who is often confused with a famous male rapper.
Synonyms: Antigluten, Gluten-hater, or Brandon
"Brandon cannot eat what we are having at lunch today."
by schmilary April 24, 2016
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