The most emotinal faggot ever and has a very small penis
That Kid is such a brandon I hate him
by Chssa March 06, 2015
A name for a boy. People name brandon are usually cute and fun to be around. Also a freak in bed. They are the best ones to be in a relationship with. Their always loyal
Nones like Brandon.
by Brandon. December 11, 2014
the only gut i know that i can pick out of a crowd, in a dark room, across the room. he has the prettiest blue eyes, half the time i think he's going to shove me in a locker, he gives the BEST hugs, but tends to wear a lot of cologne and i end up smelling like him, he's funny, nice, charming, fun, sweet, helpful, strange, and a real man. unless you make him mad,then he's mean.he hates complainers, and hes very blunt and up front about everything......oh and he's freakishly tall, but thats what makes him amazing.
one more thing: hey um brandon..........i think i you......... alot................
by texangirl:) October 04, 2011
Lacrosse player and drummer, has a huge dick and is amazing in bed, has dated strippers and eaten their hearts for breakfast, but is extremely nice at the same time. Athletic, tattooed, pierced, and sexy. Makes a great friend and boyfriend for any girl.
Person 1: Hey, I saw you got a new boyfriend...
Person 2: Yeah! His name is Brandon.
Person 1: OMG!!! Really he's really cute!
Person 2: I know, his dick is huge too.
Person 1: Do you have a picture of it?
Person 2: Da fuck? I'm not showing you Tinker-twat!!!!
by ohmycod September 05, 2011
A guy with a huge dick a very nice personality loves to sing but knows he cant. Has one best friend but loves her for his own. Overall the perfect man!
I would love me a brandon!
by dixon099 March 02, 2009
A total faggot
what a Brandon
by PFM12181 February 25, 2015
One who gets friendzoned often.
Like How I Met Your Mother, but will never be able to tell his kids how he met there mother, as he is forever alone.
Steve - "Hey I hear your brother became a Brandon"

Jordan - "Yeah Really sucks I wont be an uncle"
by AshleysMexicanDick May 26, 2014

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