A total scumbag. Brandon will rip your heart out and tear it into a thousand pieces as if it never had any value to him. Which it probably never did. Apart from being a total scumbag to you, Brandon will also be a douche to his friends, betraying them the first chance he gets.
Brandon is such a scumbag.
by brandunh8er August 22, 2016
Conceded. Hard worker. Loves to spend money. Desperate for a girl. Very perverted constantly.
look at Brandon hes rich.
by ProjectToxic May 22, 2016
I got two words for you.. Dragon Weasel.
Look at Brandon! What a dragon weasel.
by Brandon Avila May 24, 2016
1. Quite possibly one of the most prestigious man to walk on the face of the earth.

2. Has a smile that melts the hearts of women.

3. The Man of all Men...No one else is Man enough to equal up to Brandons Manliness.

4. Sought after by many, but actually had by very few...he is picky.

5. An absolute sensational creature with an all knowing power to galvanize with his soccer skills, but you would never know, Brandon's have a tendency to be quiet and unassuming.

6. Brandons don't need to brag...they don't need to.

7. A dazzling man with a steamy ability to sweep a girl off her feet.
Girl 1"Oh my gosh, hes soooo dreamy!"

Girl 2"OH, i know!! Hes a total brandon!"

Girl 1"Don't get any ideas, I saw him first!"

Girl 2"Pff, are you kidding? you'd never deserve a brandon!"
by Burritos11 June 22, 2016
Brandon is a a very generous person always outgoing very positive knows how to rock anyone's mood and cheer them up / even if he's upset himself. :)) brandon is a great lover awesome at everything he does and very interesting not only that he's intelligent you can honestly learn a thing or two❤️
See that kid over there he's such a smart guy that reminds me of brandon
by Princess lover:) June 25, 2016
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