The best person in the world. Will always be kind and there for you no matter what. If you lose him, he is the kind of guy you will never stop crying over. Always love and respect him. He is also tough and will fight someone if they hurt his family.
Girl 1: I can't believe I'm dating Brandon <3

Girl 2: Lucky!!
by bjbsgirl April 17, 2012
Lacrosse player and drummer, has a huge dick and is amazing in bed, has dated strippers and eaten their hearts for breakfast, but is extremely nice at the same time. Athletic, tattooed, pierced, and sexy. Makes a great friend and boyfriend for any girl.
Person 1: Hey, I saw you got a new boyfriend...
Person 2: Yeah! His name is Brandon.
Person 1: OMG!!! Really he's really cute!
Person 2: I know, his dick is huge too.
Person 1: Do you have a picture of it?
Person 2: Da fuck? I'm not showing you Tinker-twat!!!!
by ohmycod September 05, 2011
The biggest asshole and TRY HARD you will ever meet.
OMG he is such a Brandon, I hate that kid.
by whycantwebefriends September 03, 2014
Brandon is hot but you better not tell him because his incorrect insecurities of his body are the only thing keeping his giant swollen head in check. He is cute, sexy, funny and the most cuddly. He will light up your day and is the best dancer. He is tough and can verbally disarm you, takes great pride in himself. He has the biggest fucking dick and he knows how to use it. He also is a fucking dick. He will be your best companion and be loyal to you, then turn on you and break you into a million pieces. He is extremely intelligent but he will stand by an opinion that even he knows is wrong. He is passionate and loves to take care of his family and friends. He is made of magic, and is a combination of electric neon fireflies and pure evil.
He was such an alluring asshole, he needed AA. He was a Brandon.
by Juluandromeda May 08, 2013
A really lovable person, who is the kindest person you will ever meet. He has a big heart, but he's also really hot. All the girl want to be with him.
Wow that guy's a Brandon.

No you're not cool enough to be a Brandon.
by onereasontostaypositive March 21, 2013
the hottie next door, the guy you stare at with the flipping new hair who is crazy talented in all sports and will definetly look good with his shirt off. He is the athlete in your school.
oh another brandon jock walking our way
by mennhhamsnsjs January 08, 2014
A relatively slick, yet reserved individual who has an unrelenting, arguably disturbing fixation for tot wees. His affinity for tot wees is boldy displayed through twiddling, fiddling and all out diddling. If you come across a Brandon the best course of action is to notify the appropriate authorities as he is likely wanted in numerous municipalities. Salacious.
"Hide you kids, Brandon is on the loose"

"Did you hear Brandon got banned from Disney World?!"

Q:Where is Brandon?

A: Probably over there on that jumping castle. If not there, check the seesaw or tire swing.
by Tastycrumpets October 25, 2013

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