Brandon is hot but you better not tell him because his incorrect insecurities of his body are the only thing keeping his giant swollen head in check. He is cute, sexy, funny and the most cuddly. He will light up your day and is the best dancer. He is tough and can verbally disarm you, takes great pride in himself. He has the biggest fucking dick and he knows how to use it. He also is a fucking dick. He will be your best companion and be loyal to you, then turn on you and break you into a million pieces. He is extremely intelligent but he will stand by an opinion that even he knows is wrong. He is passionate and loves to take care of his family and friends. He is made of magic, and is a combination of electric neon fireflies and pure evil.
He was such an alluring asshole, he needed AA. He was a Brandon.
by Juluandromeda May 08, 2013
The best person in the world. Will always be kind and there for you no matter what. If you lose him, he is the kind of guy you will never stop crying over. Always love and respect him. He is also tough and will fight someone if they hurt his family.
Girl 1: I can't believe I'm dating Brandon <3

Girl 2: Lucky!!
by bjbsgirl April 17, 2012
SOmetimes a magician. Thought to be the most sweetest guy you ever known. He treats girls right and not some kind of toy. He will be weird at sometimes but just lookin for the right one. When he finds her he will treat her right and not like the other guys out of here but at the same time he doesnt take bullsh*t from no one and speaks his mind to be a brandon is special.
Man i wish i had a guy like Brandon.
by b.A.m. April 02, 2015
Somewhat handsome, cool, very kind and over protective of any girl who is in need or want of help, great lisener, can be a pure asshole at times, but makes up for it with his loving heart, I have a very troubled past, but I wouldn't be who I am, if it wasn't for my past, Christian man, intelligent, funny at times, weird, cray cray, silly, loving, caring, over all, extremely caring and kind
Brandon, you're cray but I love ya' bro
by Mastermuller25 November 11, 2014
A midget dwarf wannabe who likes to run in fields of freshly mowed Grass to tickle his balls. Hobbies may include sucking the David's dick, stealing socks and base jumping off of street curbs.
Brandon, have you seen my socks?
Brandon: my precioussss *jerks off*
by Sniv-leaf September 21, 2014
The biggest asshole and TRY HARD you will ever meet.
OMG he is such a Brandon, I hate that kid.
by whycantwebefriends September 03, 2014
Person who is attracted to younger women, usually has a small dick, and almost always has soft lips, and are know to have a eye fetish, and usually masturbates excessively. in the end they always become rich, sometimes as rich as a porn star.
Jorden saw Brandon the other day and he reminded her of his soft lips
by brandon May 05, 2014

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