The best person in the world. Will always be kind and there for you no matter what. If you lose him, he is the kind of guy you will never stop crying over. Always love and respect him. He is also tough and will fight someone if they hurt his family.
Girl 1: I can't believe I'm dating Brandon <3

Girl 2: Lucky!!
by bjbsgirl April 17, 2012
A name for a boy. People name brandon are usually cute and fun to be around. Also a freak in bed. They are the best ones to be in a relationship with. Their always loyal
Nones like Brandon.
by Brandon. December 11, 2014
A Fuck Boy
P1: omg did Brandon text you?!
P2: i stopped replying, hes such a fuckboy
by askdm November 29, 2014
The biggest asshole and TRY HARD you will ever meet.
OMG he is such a Brandon, I hate that kid.
by whycantwebefriends September 03, 2014
Lacrosse player and drummer, has a huge dick and is amazing in bed, has dated strippers and eaten their hearts for breakfast, but is extremely nice at the same time. Athletic, tattooed, pierced, and sexy. Makes a great friend and boyfriend for any girl.
Person 1: Hey, I saw you got a new boyfriend...
Person 2: Yeah! His name is Brandon.
Person 1: OMG!!! Really he's really cute!
Person 2: I know, his dick is huge too.
Person 1: Do you have a picture of it?
Person 2: Da fuck? I'm not showing you Tinker-twat!!!!
by ohmycod September 05, 2011
The biggest jerk you will ever meet. Self-absorbed, selfish, player who does not care about anyone else's feelings but his own. Brandon also does not see himself to do any wrong. Its always your fault.
I hate Brandon
by honesthazeleyes July 18, 2011
A midget dwarf wannabe who likes to run in fields of freshly mowed Grass to tickle his balls. Hobbies may include sucking the David's dick, stealing socks and base jumping off of street curbs.
Brandon, have you seen my socks?
Brandon: my precioussss *jerks off*
by Sniv-leaf September 21, 2014

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