Brandon is the best cousin in the world. He is a great guy who is loyal to his friends and family. He is funny, lovable, and a hard worker. Brandon is just plain awesome.
Me and Brandon were listening to that Bone, like we did 20 years ago.
by kamkonkon November 22, 2012
The most amazing man you'll ever meet. The type of guy who can be a total asshole just for his own amusement and yours and a complete sweetheart at the same time. Perfect in every way, shape, form and flaw; though he tends to disagree.

Someone you'll never ever forget, even if he was a dick to you.
"See what I did there?"
"Yeah, too bad Brandon already said that like three seconds ago."

"I believe you."
"You're just like Brandon."
by jessaminesweetly October 01, 2011
An incredibly handsome, genuine, strong man.
"Wow, you chop wood like a Brandon."

"Hey! Thank you for getting my cat out of the tree, you must be a Brandon."
by uhidunno1112 December 10, 2012
A loving and caring guy. He accepts anything the woman has to offer. He is an amazing boyfriend and can carry a long relationship. The sex life is great and so is he.
Hey look, it's Brandon!
by merrianwebsterdictionary November 17, 2013
A boy that is so swole he has to re-sew the button on his Oxford collared shirt so his muscular neck will fit. He has many other muscular body parts too, such as his giant dick.
Did you see Brandon's bulging neck muscles? I bet he had to re-sew that button on his Oxford shirt so it would fit!
by babykd January 09, 2012
A guy who is the sweetest, amazingest, and cutest guy ever. he has an ugly girlfriend but is missing out on the best thing that has ever happened him.
Is that Brandon?

Yes that is Brandon.
by NotLex768 November 21, 2011
The biggest asshole and TRY HARD you will ever meet.
OMG he is such a Brandon, I hate that kid.
by whycantwebefriends September 03, 2014

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