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a effing amazing guy , who always has a smile on his face ! brandon the name came from some place ive never heard of , other than that brandon people are usally HOT and amazing !
" ohh whos that hot guy , awkks thats my boyfriend , btw hes name is brandon :) "
by some spunk September 25, 2011
11 4
is considered a sweetheart, very loving person ,funny, lover, handsome, awesome, and smart in everyway, also very good in bed, A Brandon is a true homie, he will always have your back in everything no matter what, anybody who knows him is lucky because their one of a kind. any girl with brandon is very lucky because he cares alot, is truthful, and charming. He will make your life happy!
brandon is funny i cant stop laughing when im around him.

Brandon is a true lover.
by BamG July 25, 2011
13 6
a sweet, gentle, caring, loyal, kind, faithful, loving, strong, joyful, awesome, delightful, Godly man. He is unlike any guy I have ever met. A strong believer, a great Christian. He includes everyone, and doesn't want anyone to feel left out. He has the best smile that can warm your heart. He always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face. He is a wonderful friend. and surely, with out a doubt, a treasure of God's.
Brandon is a strong, faithful follower of God.

Brandon is the sweetest guy I have ever met.

I wish I could see Brandon more often, he always makes me laugh and puts a smile on my face.
by placidperson June 10, 2011
9 2
This man is the love of my life, he's crazy and weird, but funny , sweet, and kind. Everyone should be jelly that I haz him.
Brandon is a sexy motherfucker
by undiscovered1996 July 13, 2012
7 0
The most amazing man you'll ever meet. The type of guy who can be a total asshole just for his own amusement and yours and a complete sweetheart at the same time. Perfect in every way, shape, form and flaw; though he tends to disagree.

Someone you'll never ever forget, even if he was a dick to you.
"See what I did there?"
"Yeah, too bad Brandon already said that like three seconds ago."

"I believe you."
"You're just like Brandon."
by jessaminesweetly October 01, 2011
10 4
A Brandon is short. Shorter than others in size. Listens well and apparently knows how to treat a woman. Funny and is well you know kinda of cute. Looks like he could be cuddley.
A brandon ussually takes a girl he likes on a first date. Maybe to dinner and a movie or something along those lines.
by def. taller than you June 05, 2011
11 5
A loving and caring guy. He accepts anything the woman has to offer. He is an amazing boyfriend and can carry a long relationship. The sex life is great and so is he.
Hey look, it's Brandon!
by merrianwebsterdictionary November 17, 2013
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