A really lovable person, who is the kindest person you will ever meet. He has a big heart, but he's also really hot. All the girl want to be with him.
Wow that guy's a Brandon.

No you're not cool enough to be a Brandon.
by onereasontostaypositive March 21, 2013
A backstabbing cunt who will do/say anything to have sex with you. He will eventually emotionally destroy you and repeat this cycle with other women.
You keep leading me on, Brandon. But I know what you've been doing last night with that fat ass bitch.
by steelness July 06, 2011
An extremely large cock-block. Will often hump, spank, grab, grind, squeeze, his way into making sure that you do not get laid, kissed, or even hugged by a female. Often seen lurking in the back of a group searching for targets to cock-block.
Dude you were so close to being with that girl, if only that brandon wasn't there you would have had her with you tonight.
by cockblocka-k August 25, 2010
A dumb nerdy kid, who only plays video games, talks about his girlfriend, and thinks he's awesome. He has a ridiculously small penis, but struts around like he has a noob tube in his pants. He's simply a dumbass
Guy 1:Bro, what the fuck is that guy doing to that girls hair?
Guy 2: Omg...he's sniffing it....he's obviously a Brandon.
Guy 1: What an annoying freak
by DJHAGGERMOUTH July 14, 2011
A nasty, fat justin beiber who did your mom and didnt tell you when you where in the basement playing gamecube
Brandon and your mom had sex and you don't know
by brontosaurusCWIKLO July 07, 2011
Back Flip Fail!
Brandon ,Jumping off of a table in tech and landing on your head! :P
by x ML_1996 x December 13, 2010
An guy who is generally considered to be an asshole. He probably has messed up teeth and looks as if he has fetal alcohol syndrome. He enjoys lying and causing a lot of unnecessary drama in people's lives. He hangs out with friends who are either fat or pussy virgins so he can feel like a bad ass.
Girl 1: "Wow, whats wrong with that guy's face?"
Girl 2: "Oh, he's just a Brandon."

Girl 1: "Ugh, where did all this stupid drama come from?!"
Girl 2: "I told you not to hang out with Brandon..."
by onepointfive December 07, 2010
Full out flamer!! Loves the cock!!
I'm such a Brandon
by g-man12 September 08, 2010

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