A brandon is a self centered lying dick. He usually acts like the sweetest guy, and like a "different type of usual guys" when really he is just a lying piece of shit. brandons have horrible acne, and really small dicks. they think they are the coolest people in the world, and fool everyone till they realize how wrong that is, and he ends up alone everytime. he is alone cause he brings it upon himself he lies, and is uses people. he is a cheater, and a piece of shit. he acts like the biggest badass in the world because he is on probation, he constantly reminds you how "bad his drug use used to be" when all in all he is a poser and the biggest pussy in the world. he is cheater, and a theif. he takes really depressed girls and ends up only caring about himself, hurting them and then leaves not giving a shit, a brandon is someone who will get hurt everyday of his life once people realize the truth,a brandon is someone who will soon get a taste of his own medicine.
"do you see that guy over there who looks like a giant piece of shit"

"oh hey look its brandon"
by ihatebrandon December 04, 2012
that nigga with tha donkey dick. Loves bitches.
They call brandon "mastodon" cause he got a trunk in the front
by bware31493 October 23, 2009
the most passionate of all lovers. loyal, beautiful, sexy and stubborn. very well endowed and knows how to use it. sought after by many, but actually had by few, he is picky. an absolutely sensual creature with an all knowing power to please, but you would never know. Brandon's have a tendency to be quiet and unasumming, but will sneak up on you with a vengeance. Brandon's don't brag...they don't need to.
I took Brandon home last night, he was so sweet and caring, but it was like he transformed into this passionate beast!

Watch out for that Brandon, he'll sneak up on ya'!

Brandon asked me out, what should I do? Brace yourself!
by Bam2009 November 23, 2010
Best Boyfriend A Girl Can Have. Nice, Outgoing, Sexy, And An Amazing Kisser . Usually Loves Only One Girl And Means It . A Brandon Is Funny And Can Make You Feel Special. Be Careful Because Not All Brandons Are Perfect Like This. If He Loves You Than he Will Show It. A Brandon Is Romantic. Brandons Like To Do Cute Romantic Things Such As Bring You A Surprise At Work, Home, Or School "Just Because". Amazing In Bed. Dates Girls That Are Similar To Brandon. Brandons Are Fun. Brandons Enjoy Having Fun Often.
Damn , She Has A Brandon. She's So Lucky. He's Sexy .
by 24ctDiamond March 22, 2011
the most amazing guy in the world. best boyfriend ever. cant ever stay mad at him. no matter what anybody says you gotta love brandon. sombody you can count on. cant get your mind off of him. sombody who you could love and never stop. hes so sweet. nobody compares to him. in his arms you always feel loved. totily forgiving. sombody you could dump and then cry over. reminds me of a teddy bear. shaggy hair. and so cute.
"you have to love brandon"
by yo bald headed granny November 01, 2011
Perfect,sweet,amazing guy,adorable,handsome, sexy
The guy whom Mckenna Loves more then anything.
Talented, Very Lovable, The Man whom McKenna will be with forever.
Brandon is so amazing, i love him. i hope this pefect man stays with me forever.?
by KennalovesBrandon January 31, 2009
the most amazing person alive. has a massive cock. i would fuck that beast.
i want brandon in the pants
by tyergudjh June 20, 2010
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