A brandon is a self centered lying dick. He usually acts like the sweetest guy, and like a "different type of usual guys" when really he is just a lying piece of shit. brandons have horrible acne, and really small dicks. they think they are the coolest people in the world, and fool everyone till they realize how wrong that is, and he ends up alone everytime. he is alone cause he brings it upon himself he lies, and is uses people. he is a cheater, and a piece of shit. he acts like the biggest badass in the world because he is on probation, he constantly reminds you how "bad his drug use used to be" when all in all he is a poser and the biggest pussy in the world. he is cheater, and a theif. he takes really depressed girls and ends up only caring about himself, hurting them and then leaves not giving a shit, a brandon is someone who will get hurt everyday of his life once people realize the truth,a brandon is someone who will soon get a taste of his own medicine.
"do you see that guy over there who looks like a giant piece of shit"

"oh hey look its brandon"
by ihatebrandon December 04, 2012
a sexy beast with eyes that can hypnotize. yumm!
Wow! That guy must be a Brandon.
by xmygunxyourfacex October 15, 2009
Brandon is that most amazing guy ever!!
I love him so much!!!!!!!!
He is such a great kisser holy shit is he.

You will never meet another guy like him.
That guy was such a good Brandon.
by dbmb May 02, 2009
the most awesome guy ever. if you date a brandon or even just know one then you are super lucky. brandons are always sweet & girls flock to them. although sometimes an ass hole people always forgive a brandon because of their amazing charms. if you dont have a brandon in your life then go out & find one (;
"Man i sure wish i was brandon, look at all those hot chicks around him"
"Me too. I think I'm gonna change my name"
by brandon lover (; forever <3 May 14, 2010
the sexiest guy alive. he awsome and the bomb. he likes his girls hot and wants to f*ck them.

hes most amazing in bed
wow that guy is a brandon he is most amazing in bed.
by lol ninja March 11, 2009
The most amazing boyfriend in the world. The most affectionate and warm-hearted friend. Not afraid to feel emotions or to let others feel theirs. Great listener. AMAZING partner! Keeps romance alive. Will make you believe in fairy tales again!
Brandon will send a single red rose through the drive up at your work and leave before you even know what happened, just to wait outside for you by your car.
by harper wesley February 04, 2010
That one guy that you can't stop looking at. Totally nerdy or grungy, but so damn appealing none the less.
I saw some brandon walk past and he looked like he just rolled out of bed. I wanted to throw down on him right then and there!
by honey-lexa April 09, 2007
The sexiest man alive with godly awesomeness. Only chosing the hottest girls, his sexual abilities is legendary and longed for by all the women.

Amazing in bed and like the second coming of Christ.
Omg, he is such a brandon
by idkwhatyouretalkingabout February 03, 2010

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