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A brandon is a self centered lying dick. He usually acts like the sweetest guy, and like a "different type of usual guys" when really he is just a lying piece of shit. brandons have horrible acne, and really small dicks. they think they are the coolest people in the world, and fool everyone till they realize how wrong that is, and he ends up alone everytime. he is alone cause he brings it upon himself he lies, and is uses people. he is a cheater, and a piece of shit. he acts like the biggest badass in the world because he is on probation, he constantly reminds you how "bad his drug use used to be" when all in all he is a poser and the biggest pussy in the world. he is cheater, and a theif. he takes really depressed girls and ends up only caring about himself, hurting them and then leaves not giving a shit, a brandon is someone who will get hurt everyday of his life once people realize the truth,a brandon is someone who will soon get a taste of his own medicine.
"do you see that guy over there who looks like a giant piece of shit"

"oh hey look its brandon"
by ihatebrandon December 04, 2012
3 9
a jock who hangs out with the fun, almost ghetto group. brown hair, tall, small dick. a brandon has one sister who is the biggest slut. a brandon thinks there funny and cool and doesn't really care for girls yet. a brandon doesn't think girls are hot, to him, they still have coodies. no one really likes a brandon, he's just there. he has about 2 friends and one of them is extremely good looking and the other one is full of them self. he doesn't know where he is in life and will hopefully become a better person when he's older.
boy: why is that kid so weird?

boy 2: he's just a brandon
by mike and jenny March 14, 2010
15 72
A whore like being that touches himself in public to the point of no return. From there he throws his hands in public and screams, "Hoopty, Hoopty, Hay!"
Cody: Rachel, are you sure you want to be with him, he is such a Brandon

Rachel: I know, but he likes that TV Show I like

Cody: Yeah, but he touches himself
by Ason12 January 26, 2010
19 77
A self-centered, hypocritical, sadistic man who blames all appalling and cruel behavior on some imagined disease. Posessing a false sense of security about his sexual prowess. Extremely arrogant but lacking considerably in talent and intelligence.
That man over there making his grandmother change his tire, such a Brandon!
by truthbetoldsoothsayer19 February 08, 2010
25 85
a fake person, someone who backstabs their friends; because of this, no one actually likes a brandon, but he thinks everyone loves and worships him.
"Man, Sasha really pulled a brandon on Jane when she called her a slut behind her back then said she liked her outfit to her face!"
by mynamehereplease February 24, 2010
19 80
The definition of a scraight goon to the screets who just doesnt care.
Damn brandons a scraight up goon and he dont caea
by goony562 March 21, 2009
36 97
Man who fits perfectly with a Michelle.

Look at those too, they're just like a Brandon and a Michelle. They're so cute together!
by yellowrosess April 26, 2009
40 106
Often referred to as a Bad B M. It's the process of running to the toilet, taking a monstrous dump and missing the toilet bowl. The term originated in England in the 14th century when there was a nobleman named Sir Brandon who was noted for taking monstrous dumps in public places for all to see.
Man, I just ran to the can and dropped a Brandon. If the janitor discovers who did it, he’ll kill me.
by Jimbo Smegma December 23, 2006
57 124