Testicles(in Malaysian Punjabi)
Girl: Y r u so scared? Don't u have brande in ur jockeys?
Boy: Boys have testicles.. not brandes..
Girl: Whats the freakin difference, fuckhead?
by GayLord69 July 25, 2006
Top Definition
A beautiful,Caring, sweet, and loving girl. But if you touch her she will fuck you up.
wow! she must be a brande
by bowchickawowwowchickawowwow March 20, 2010
the act of being supa fly
shit son, you sure are a brande.
by YaBoyonit09 March 20, 2009
A kind, beautiful girl that is normally blonde but sells herself short. She deserves the world but no one has given it to her yet.
That Brandes chick is hot.
by Livelovelaugh July 23, 2012
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