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Brandan: The most sweetest guy to ever walk this earth. I know he will never hurt me. He has always been there for me. These past couple of weeks have been the best. Brandan will never do anything to make you upset. He has a amazingly cute smile and will make sure you know how he feels about you. He once wrote me this note

"Dear Haylee, I feel like shit today. Lol But sill that is not going to stop me from coming to school just to see you! When I am around you I just feel better. You are better than those pain killers. I smile when i think of the fact that you actually care. It makes me feel special in a way. Just thought I would let you know that. Lmao. And when we hangout I feel that nothing else really matters."
I'm pretty sure you understand BrandanP by now.
by Haylee.J.B December 11, 2012
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