The act of giving birth to a sailor in the library.

To defacate. Also used to imply someone is "the shit"
Man, she scared me so bad, I took a brance, in my pants.

London, England, Paris, France... Drop your pants and take a brance.

That guy brought three hookers to my bachelor party, what a brance !
by 2m8rh8r February 05, 2010
Top Definition
Probably one of the baddest mofo's anyone of you will meet. Likes to experiment with all kinds of shit but he ain't no fag and harsh on the bird folk
if you see brance... RUN!!
by "Gorilla" October 08, 2008
A best friend a guy could ever have. No matter what he allways be there for you. You laugh and have good times and have thousands of memories to last a life time. He wont take crap from anybody and stands up for no matter what. Hes the greastest guy ever and will be by ur side foever and forever
Man i wish i had a "brance"
You do well i have a "brance" and hes the one of the greatest thing thats ever been in my life
by bbb4l September 29, 2011
A man who wants a girl friend, but will always eventually end up forgetting his real friends.
Stop being such a Brance with every girl you see.
by Kazang February 01, 2015

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