When a person breaks up with their significant other only to show up with a new one a short time later.
Person 1: Hey did you hear Bryan and Jamie broke up yesterday and now he is dating Andrea?

Person 2: He is such a Bran.

Person 1: Dan is Branning big time. He broke up with Laura a month ago and he is already dating Allison.
by Pinkstar007 February 17, 2009
Top Definition
1) It is a word customarily used between two people who are perceived as each others' homies; It stands for 'Bro' and 'Man.' The hybrid of the two creates the ultimate word for homies to exchange amongst each other.

2) A form of greeting between people of the male gender who are fuckin' homies.

The following synonyms may be used to substitute the word "Bran" but are not as commonly used: homie, home skillet, nig nug, niglet, smurfshit, breww, brotha.
Hey what's up my bran!
by Lenny 10 April 10, 2011
The bran is a clan of bro's which originated off of xbox live. It is also very 1337.
Aaron: can I join the bran?
Cameron: No..
Cecil: hmm.. no..
Aaron: *sad face*
by xROCKWELLx April 05, 2009
When the color of brown and tan are mixed together, and everyone calls in their own color, this is the winner.
Dude 1: "Hey man, doesn't that girl over there look pretty damn tan?"

Dude 2: "Naw, she looks a bit brown to me."

Dude 3: "Nope, she's a bran color."
by bhdman December 17, 2011
any swearword you wish
You bran!
You're a branning (f**king) liar!
by McPeppa October 12, 2007
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