A phrase one uses to describe the typical vacuous, blonde, trashy bimbo, in place of, well, "vacuous, blonde, trashy bimbo," for such creatures possess the IQ of a bran muffin, and if you were to call one a vacuous, blonde, trashy bimbo, she wouldn't have the slightest idea what the word "vacuous" means. It's for the good of all.
What's he doing with that bran muffin? Granted, she's pretty hot, but she's a total moron!
Top Definition
When you are calling someone the shit because bran muffins give you the shits
That girl is a bran muffin
= That girl is the shit
by Big Ezz July 29, 2005
The curly bush of pubic hair that peaks out in a tuft (like a muffin top) at the top of a persons underwear/pants.
Your pants are falling down, I can see your bran muffin.
by princesspoo February 07, 2013
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