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When sombody gives you head while playing videogames
Yo girl can you give me a brainiac while I play Call of duty
by Spudz13 February 15, 2014
2 1
One who is not only intelligent, but gives the best blowjobs.
My girl gives great head and is incredibly smart; but when I think about it, she's always been a brainiac.
by Bryce King September 08, 2007
20 28
An idiot. moron
"...then he got stung by the entire swarm of bees. What a brainiac."
by Robert December 12, 2003
19 36
A girl who not only is very good at, but also thoroughly enjoys giving head
My girl sucks me off on a daily basis, she's a brainiac fo' sho'!!
by jacob banuelos May 18, 2005
14 34
Ryan Aleksandrs Musa
The fool is such a brainiac
by PiGuy May 23, 2004
15 36
a girl that gives head/brain
yo that girl is a braniac she knows how 2 do it rite
by mm October 29, 2003
12 40
a bad headache.
damn man, i smoked too much, i feel all brainiac.
by Dickie Moist October 07, 2003
1 29