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A Brainer is when you do something because it had to be done and you knew it was the right thing to do.
1.You gave that guy some of your bone marrow well that's a brainer.
by WolfBrother13le April 24, 2013
22 1
when you're excited to learn something new, eg. math, science. it's basically a boner in your brain a.ka brainer.
professor farnsworth: all of this knowledge is giving me a raging brainer!!!
by soma689 April 25, 2013
10 0
A word used by senior stagiaires who are trying to look cool. While the validity of the word is contested, it is accepted that the word is not used by anyone anymore, or at least anyone who you would consider to be cool.
Christine: This guy I know went did a degree in engineering and a masters in engineering and now he is in med school doing his residency, what a brainer!

Mat: What's a brainer?
by trusted authority November 18, 2011
13 10
Old trainers, where the front has worn down giving the appearance of a throbbing brain.
Haha check out his brainers!
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005
3 6
Not a no-brainer.
His video timer is such a brainer that he is leaving it flashing at 12:00 AM.
by Milt Alwin March 19, 2009
18 56
Somone who is smart funny and fun to be around and used to trick people to think ur talking bout giving head
man i love to be around that girl shes a brainer
by gtman43 April 01, 2010
14 53
A brainer in when a person inhales marijuana smoke through their nose, sending it straight to the brain.
"Hey man, you wanna toke?"

"No, I'll just take a quick brainer!"
by Kanuckilish March 10, 2009
12 65
A term students used in the 1990s. It's probably an evolution of the simular colloquialism browner.

Someone that is very smart and seems to excel at everything. The type that always seems to have some new project that requires exceptional intelligence to even plan, let alone implement.

The type a student will go to when they need serious help with a test/exam or project for a class they're doing poorly in. Although some may explain said subject in a way that that will have the person requiring help saying ‘in English please’, once they’re able to get on the same level with the person, a brainer can be a very valuable study buddy.
Person #1: Did you hear? Billy got Jimmy to be his partner for the big term assignment!

Person #2: Really? That lucky dog; Jimmy is a major brainer. With him as his partner, Billy is practically guaranteed an A!
by An optimist with experience June 06, 2005
47 126