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The effect of one's head/brain being annihilated by an object,whether it be a blunt object or the bullet(s)/Shell(s) of a gun, and the inertia of the head is a bloody brain tissue mixture which either is sprayed or projectiled in every possible direction.
Joe: This guy cut me off on my drive over here and it really pissed me off!

Bob: Did you do anything about it?

Joe: hell yeah i blew that cock-juggling-thunder-cunts brain salad all over the asphalt with my double-barreled shotgun.

Bob: "Nice"
by Dsnutsnmouth June 29, 2010
The green leafy substance thats also refered to as"WEED". However one can't call it weed in certain company, so its called brain salad.
Hey man,come on over tonight and enjoy a few bowls of some"brain salad"while we watch some tube.
by THE KEEFER September 12, 2003

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