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Something so difficult and confusing that it makes your head bobble like if it was getting fucked in the brain REPEATEDLY!!
"Math class today was so hard, right?" Ray said.

"I know it felt like our math teacher just brain fucked me, HARD!" Alvaro replied.
#brain fucking #brain fuck #fucking #brain #fuck
by RNICK March 15, 2010
the intentional probing of someones mind so that they think contradictory to the truth or your beleif for your gain, concept can also be reversed so that they beleive in your truth may it be false or the actual. best results when victim is unsupecting
dude how much was that ice cream.

like 5 bucks (actual price: $2.50)

heres 5 bucks go buy me one

shoots........ heres ur ice cream, it was actually $6.00

O, heres another buck, thanks alot

"wow i just totally brain fucked him, wat a dumbass"
#brain fuck #mind fuck #mindfuck #brainfuck #brain #fuck #being jewed #ass hole #truth #mean
by Brycen Phillips July 30, 2008
the complete combination of all of the following state of minds:
super high
super duper high
man i'm really high
dude i don't think i could be any higher man
fucked up
out of it
oh man
Stoner #1 says, "Dude are you high?"

Stoner #2 replies, " brainfucked right now."
#stoned #high #baked #fucked up #blazed
by tbigbdaddy August 31, 2010
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