To sit on the floor with the head lowered and hands clasped between the legs. Though not related to Tebowing by it was inspired by it ever since the pose have been used by the star quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady after losing their second Super Bowl to the New York Giants.
After I ragequit the game, I started Bradying in depression.
by Idiot-Finder2 February 08, 2012
Top Definition
To sit down on the ground with your legs straight out in front of you and your head hanging in shame. Made famous after Super Bowl XLVI, when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady first invented the pose after throwing an interception to Giants linebacker Chase Blackburn.

See also: Tebowing
Now that the Patriots have lost the Super Bowl, Bradying is sweeping the nation.
by ud106c February 07, 2012
To sit down on the floor with your hands between your legs in the crotch region with your head down knowing on the inside you have failed yet again.
Tom Brady after the Superbowl loss to the Giants (twice).

After he lost to the New York Giants for the second time in the superbowl, Tom Brady began bradying, knowing that he received a second chance that almost no one will ever get.

He was bradying after he failed that test.
by techstudent11 February 10, 2012
Inspired by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, bradying is the act of sitting on the ground with legs stretched out and slightly apart, folding one's hands, and hanging one's head in shame after losing an epic battle or game of some sort. Tom Brady, after losing to the Giants in the Super Bowl for the second time in less than a decade, proceeded to strike this pose when his receivers failed to do their job. Ironically after Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos started his "Tebowing" fad, Tom Brady unintentionally began the fad of "Bradying," and it has become popular for both Giants and Patriots fans alike.
P1: "Hey look, it's a homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk."

P2: "Naw, it's my friend; he's bradying. He's a big Pats fan."
by GIANTSROOL February 07, 2012
Contrary to the celebratory act of "Tebowing", "Bradying" is when you sit on the floor with your legs out, hands clenched in a pouting-child form. This can often result from incomplete passes, being sacked by Justin Tuck, or simply losing the Super Bowl to the New York Giants. So if your day is going pretty bad - take a seat on the ground, it's bound to get worse.
Brady: Damn, lost another one to the Giants
Brady: Welp, it's just you and me turf...time for some Bradying.
Belichick: Get up Tom...
by MikeASU February 10, 2012
When your significant other catches you sexting someone else, and you destroy the phone.

You can't be guilty of cheating if you destroy the evidence.
Precedent: Tom Brady "Deflategate" ruling- 09/03/2015
"I heard she saw those pics you sent Jenny on your phone, what did you do about it?"
"I tried Bradying my phone. 1-year warranty"
"Did it work?"
"Worked for Brady. Me? well I'm single now..."
by Hate the Player October 19, 2015
A person who gorges themself on food at all times, and is a premature ejaculator.
He was bradying last night when he prematurely shot his load to a picture of french fries.
by klieg2323 October 23, 2011
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