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bassist for Late Nite Reading.

incredibly adorable kid.
super funny.
seeing him on blogtv will instantly improve your day.

i kinda have my heart set on marrying him :)
Brady Szuhaj = <3
by poiytfghkmnbvfgyu March 13, 2011
The super amazing bass player for Late Nite Reading.

He is wonderfully cute had has the most beautiful eyes.

Has the voice of an angel and the most addicting laugh.
He is super sweet and very caring towards everyone.

He is too easy to love.

His taste in music is impeccable and the music he makes himself is even better.

Has a show on YouTube called My Life In Color (MLIC).
I am completely in love with him.
Me: Did you ever watch that My Life In Color I told you about?

Friend: Yes! That Brady Szuhaj sure is a cutie.
by Abbi Thompson January 01, 2013
A stupid little fuck who is the founder of a poser punk band 'Late Nite Reading'

All he does is complain on his facebook page, and his music sounds like a toddler made it.
Get the fuck away from me, Brady Szuhaj. We all know it's you.
by Kate Anderson February 22, 2011
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